Urmi Dutt
Reiki Master in Gurgaon

For healing through reiki and other alternative healing practices in gurgaon, You can contact me on mobile at 9810304091 or send me an email on

urmi.ideas@gmail.com and seek an appointment

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Aura Photography

Learn Transpersonal Regression Theray.
Diploma from Tasso International, Holland.
New batch begining in September 2016.
To register and for more details call Urmi at 9810304091




What is the Aura?

All of us have an energy field around us. This is called the Aura. It is through this Auric field that we interact with the world around us. Human beings first sense each other and the environment through this energy field. Why do we instantly like some people and dislike others? It is because our energy fields are vibrating at different frequencies. When our energy field is clear, we are able to lead a happy and peaceful life and do not fall prey to diseases.


What is Aura Photography?

Aura Photography is a way to photograph the Human Energy Field which is around each one of us. Very few people are able to perceive this energy field with the naked eye. With the help of special software, we are able to photograph and ‘see’ this aura.


How will Aura photography help me?

Your Aura Photograph will give you insights into yourself, so you can deal with issues better or understand why certain things keep happening to you. It will tell you how others perceive you and how you see yourself.

It will give you directions on what you need to work on, to lead a more fulfilling life.


Short Biograpghy of Reiki Master: Urmi Dutt

Hi! I am Urmi Dutt. I am an independent Reiki Master - Healer and Teacher (Both Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki); Past Life Regression Specialist, Hypno therapist and Theta healer.

I first discovered the fascinating world of healing about 10 years ago. Since then, it has been an absorbing and passionate journey of personal growth, at the same time touching and transforming the lives of many students and patients.

You can come to me for any problem, be it mental, physical or spiritual, a relationship issue or a success issue and together we will solve it!

Urmi as an artist also creates healing paintings. Her work can be seen at www.energypaintings.in