Urmi Dutt
Reiki Master in Gurgaon

For healing through reiki and other alternative healing practices in gurgaon, You can contact me on mobile at 9810304091 or send me an email on

urmi.ideas@gmail.com and seek an appointment

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Learn Transpersonal Regression Theray.
Diploma from Tasso International, Holland.
New batch begining in September 2016.
To register and for more details call Urmi at 9810304091


What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression works on the premise that we are all souls on a common journey of growth. We have all had hundreds of lives in the past. In each life, we incarnate to experience several life lessons in our evolution as Supreme Beings. Groups of souls often incarnate together to complete incomplete experiences, therefore the people in our current lives are often there in our past lives in different circumstances.

You can be taken into your past life through a method of Hypnosis. Under Hypnosis,
When your conscious mind is awake but inactive, your subconscious mind comes to the fore and accesses your memory bank to reveal experiences in your past lives.


What does Past Life Regression heal?

Past Life Regression can help in healing phobias about which there is no known cause in this life. Chronic deep rooted illnesses may also have their causes in a past life. Past lives may also reveal the cause behind why we get along with certain people and are always at loggerheads with others.Besides this, Past Life Regression helps to broaden your perspective and brings an understanding of life and your purpose in it.


Is Past Life Regression safe?

Past Life Regression is completely safe. It is a very relaxing experience for your body and mind and will leave you feeling light and fresh. Even if you experience disturbing feelings, they do not last, instead they leave you relaxed. Past Life Regression heals by bringing to the surface and therefore releasing deeply buried feelings and experiences. Once brought to conscious awareness, they cease to trouble you.


Short Biograpghy of Reiki Master: Urmi Dutt

Hi! I am Urmi Dutt. I am an independent Reiki Master - Healer and Teacher (Both Usui Reiki and Karuna Reiki); Past Life Regression Specialist, Hypno therapist and Theta healer.

I first discovered the fascinating world of healing about 10 years ago. Since then, it has been an absorbing and passionate journey of personal growth, at the same time touching and transforming the lives of many students and patients.

You can come to me for any problem, be it mental, physical or spiritual, a relationship issue or a success issue and together we will solve it!

Urmi as an artist also creates healing paintings. Her work can be seen at www.energypaintings.in